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  • Derivium Tradition (India) & Genev Capital, are a part of Tradition Group - one of the world's largest interdealer brokers for OTC & exchange cleared FX, Bonds, High yield credits, rates & credit derivatives., Energy , Freight & Commodities.
  • Represented in over 28 countries, Compagnie Financière Tradition is listed on the Swiss stock exchange www.tradition.com.
  • derivium | genev, promoted by Indian technocrats with over 3 decades of experience in Treasury, Derivatives, FX & Corporate Bonds & Debt Capital Markets, is India’s #1 institutional broker & bonds market intermediary & offers structured investment banking & advisory services in high yield credits, hedging / risk management consulting and wealth & family offices investments advisory in bond markets.
  • Promoters are on various regulatory market development committees of MoF, SEBI, RBI, US Treasury, City of London, etc.
  • Annexure B